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Ztractor in collaboration with California Mobility Center will work on agriculture machinery electrification roadmap

September 15, Palo Alto, CA

Ztractor, a self-driving electric tractor company, announced today that the company will join the California Mobility Center (CMC) to further advance zero emissions agriculture machinery. The CMC is a global resource that provides a unique value proposition for future mobility innovators.

The climate and labor crises are more painful today for Californian farmers than anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, other parts of the planet will also experience similar challenges in the coming year and technology is the shield to protect our growers from unpredictable weather and environmental events.

“As the pioneer of ag machinery electrification and automation Ztractor is planning to offer technologies and components to the traditional tractor makers and is privileged to partner with CMC on commercial product development of the electric agriculture machinery.” Said Bakur Kvezereli, Ztractor CEO. “Our ambition is to support food system by offering solutions to growers and data to the larger agriculture community.”

Ztractor’s collaboration with the CMC is significant and timely for the following reasons:
• Record high temperatures are forcing us to find new solutions to help farm workers.
• Disastrous and increasingly intense mass wildfires have impacted thousands of acres of agriculture land
• Many farmers are threatened by or have in fact lost crops and income due to draught and water shortages
• California is leading the way toward the electric future and the CMC is playing a significant role in changing the ways and pace that we advance future mobility technologies
• Historically, California has always been on the technology frontier and the home to agriculture innovations. CMC’s projects provide unique opportunities for farmers, food producers and tech startups to achieve significant advancements around farming methodology and product quality.
About Ztractor Inc: Incorporated in 2017, Palo Alto based startup received support from farmers and investors in The United States and Europe, for their completely electric, driverless, and AI-powered tractors. In 2019 The company introduced the world’s first autonomous electric tractor. Since 2020 Ztractor engineers work with the team of scientists from McGill University’s Bioresource Engineering Department on advancing on-the-go sensing technology for precision agriculture.
About CMC: The California Mobility Center (CMC) is a public-private partnership with global thought leaders in clean technology innovation. The CMC aspires to be the leading global innovation and commercialization center for future mobility, strategically located in Sacramento. Its location puts the CMC in close proximity to world-class educational institutions, leaders in clean mobile technology, award winning utilities, and to California’s government that leads the United States and the world in producing policies around green mobility and technology. For more information visit

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